Roger Stover - FL

 I have been a Journeyman carpenter for 26 Years. I purchased this tool from and I am here to tell you that I will not leave home without it. You can watch his demo on YouTube, or on whatever e-commerce site you can find it at. And he still does not finish on all the other applications I personally have used this tool for all kinds of shit. This tool is a must, its a no brainer for any person, from a simple homeowner, Jack of all trades to a seasoned carpenter. This tool is amazing and its tough!!! When he said heat treated man it's hard. I have used this tool for applications I will not even mention, as I don't want to void any warrantee Issues. Oh yea, its a lifetime Warrantee This tool is worth ever bit of its asking price.

Bill Harris 33 years Retired Local 1977 Las Vegas, Nevada

I've known Big Mike for a few years, He is a man of faith and always puts God first in everything he does for his family and business. I've watched him as he designed and had crafted the Carpenter's Multi tool in his own home garage. Big Mike and I often prayed together at church for peace and guidance, for his new adventure. I've never seen in my 33 yrs experience as a carpenter a person so intent on crafting a hand tool to help make our job so easy, less stressful, and more professional. As he went through many different types, styles and designs of the multi tool, he was never satisfied with "close enough", it had to be right. The tool you see on this web site has been designed and crafted to make you, the journeyman's job much easier and simple. This Multi-Tool should be on everyone tool list to have, next to your hammer and tape measure this tool should be #3 on your tool list. If you don't have one of these Multi-Tools I highly recommend that you get one, this is the tool that'll make your job quicker and easier to execute.

Eric Prough Local 1977 Las Vegas, NV

I have been using the carpenters multi tool for a couple of months now and it has both added and replaced tools in my bags. The tool holds up well and its light weight makes it easy to carry. This tool has a lot of functions and can perform even more when in its in the right hands. Hell it even opens bottle caps watch my video on the site.

Will Robinson Local 1849 Tri Cities Washington

The carpenters multi tool has been a great new tool that the industry has needed! It is so much easier on me and my body to set ties! NO more dropping hammers in walls, No more tie wire scratches on my arms. I love this tool and it's use goes well beyond that. I've used it for several other things like a pry bar for tight spots. It's a great tool that will alway be in my bags! thank you multi tool.

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