Dear Union Brother or Sister:

My name is Michael S. Patterson, people call me Big Mike, I am a member of the 1977 carpenters in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have hammered nails, formed foundations, hung sheetrock and doors, framed elaborate ceilings, and framed miles and miles of walls day after day, year after year for nineteen wonderful years for our great Union's in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and now in Nevada. Over the years like all great Union hands we make, alter, bend or even break tools to make our life in the trade easer or to use our time more efficiently to benefit us and/or the contractor. If these tools work we continue to use them taking them to the next job, or until someone wants them more than we do, or they grow legs and walk away. I have invented the first Multi-tool for Carpenters called the “Carpenter's Multi-tool.” It has several functions and I find more and more every day. My partners tell me, "Hey, it works as a kicker for sheetrock," or, "Man, it is so nice not having to dig in the gang-box for a spanner or skill saw wrench anymore.” This tool does it all. It has a 4 ¼” scraper, the width of a 2x4 and ¾” plywood for doing foundation lay out or with steel stud layout and we just found out it works great for sheet-rocking around metal door and window frames. Add a 1 ½” rip of plywood or conduit to the tool with the holes provided on the side of the tool to make a handle for scraping floors, scraping Monokote off columns and/or beams, forms, walls or just scratching your back or you can just use it as a hand held. It also features the push/pull feature for reaching and grabbing Snap-ties that you just can't reach; with this feature you will never get your arm scratched from that tie wire again, simply add a 2'-8' handle with the holes provided and you can easily reach out and grab and maneuver those ties. It is made of Chrome-Moly and it is heat treated to be extremely durable and last forever. It has the 1 3/8” Spanner Wrench for changing skinny wheels for cutting rebar or metal studs, a ½” skill saw wrench that has a flank drive so the tool tightens and loosens on the flat of the bolt to eliminate rounding, and if it's already rounded it loosens and tightens stripped bolts with ease. My Multi-Tool has a rib that makes it ¾” tall which is perfect for these two procedures: 1) with the tool being ¾” tall it is the width of most form plywood so it works as an offset when roto-hammering 2x4 plates for doing hand set walls; 2) It creates a ¾” void between the two strong-backs so they can slide easily over long tail ties. Like I said, every day we find different things that this tool does; the other day we discovered it opens bottle caps and you know after a long day of working that is really nice. As I stated before, this tool saves the carpenter so much time in so many ways, which saves the contractor money so they can be more competitive when bidding against the Non-Union sector and that's what it's all about. I believe in this tool so much I would like to donate some to your apprenticeship program so they can learn from using this tool the shortcuts and conveniences it has to offer. In turn I would like you to sell them for me at your hall/apprenticeship so your members can buy them when they pay their dues and/or attend meetings/classes. I will provide Tri-fold brochures in English, Spanish and for our Canadian Brothers/Sisters in French. My plan is to give every Union Brother/Sister an opportunity to own a quality tool designed by Union member for the Union member, feel free to go to my website ( and facebook page (Carpenter’s Multi-Tool) and check out the pictures and video’s of the tool in action. The tool is now for sale in Union halls in Washington, Alaska and Nevada, my website, E-bay and Amazon purchasing the tool at your hall will save the members’ time and save money on shipping. The tool is priced at $20.00 each, for a case of 24 that’s $480.00 and I will ship for free. With the economy being what it is and with me having a family to support I needed to do something to keep from going under. So I did what I do best: I found a solution and I created an avenue that will provide for my family. I created a tool that will make our Brothers/Sisters lives easier and save our union contractors money and in turn put more Union brothers/sisters to work. The Union has been so good to my family and I over the years and I appreciate it every day. I am in the process in being signatory with the Union so my employees can be hired out of the Carpenters Unions and then when I attend trade shows and/or expo’s across the country I can call the those local halls to get competent Union hands that have years and years of hands on experience in the trade to help describe and promote the tool. I need your help to get this tool in all our Brother/Sisters Carpenter's hands. I look forward to discussing the details in a phone conference with you at your earliest convenience.

                                                                                                                     Your Union Brother, Michael “Big Mike”Patterson  1(702)720-4261